Saturday, February 10, 2007

Here He Comes

Days Until Bush Leaves Office = 710

As we’ve known for about the last month, Barack Obama will officially throw his hat in the ring today with an event at the Old State House in Springfield, Illinois.

Any guesses about where he’s headed after that? Hard to believe, but, yes: Iowa!

Obama will be heading for a 4:00 PM event in Cedar Rapids directly after his announcement, then move on to a 7:30 PM meet-and-greet in Waterloo. The next day, Obama will be holding an event at Iowa State in Ames. I will be there, and I’m (audaciously!) hoping there won’t be hundreds of press people there and I’ll actually get to speak with the candidate. Tune in afterwards and I’ll give you all the details, plus some concluding thoughts on last weekend’s DNC Winter Meeting in Washington.

More to follow!


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