Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Parse This

Days Until Bush Leaves Office = 468

Two additional bits on Michigan and the pledge. First, the obvious:

Pledge [plej]–noun
1. a solemn promise or agreement to do or refrain from doing something

And secondly, for those who might not remember - Senators Clinton and Dodd, for starters - here is the text of the Four State Pledge:

WHEREAS, Over a year ago, the Democratic National Committee established a 2008 nominating calendar;

WHEREAS, this calendar honors the racial, ethnic, economic and geographic diversity of our party and our country;

WHEREAS, the DNC also honored the traditional role of retail politics early in the nominating process, to insure that money alone will not determine our presidential nominee;

WHEREAS, it is the desire of Presidential campaigns, the DNC, the states and the American people to bring finality, predictability and common sense to the nominating calendar.

THEREFORE, I, [insert name here], Democratic Candidate for President, pledge I shall not campaign or participate in any state which schedules a presidential election primary or caucus before Feb. 5, 2008, except for the states of Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina, as “campaigning” is defined by rules and regulations of the DNC.

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