Saturday, December 15, 2007

Most Impressive Dem of the Week: Joe Biden

Days Until Bush Leaves Office = 401

Joe Biden wins the award for Most Impressive Democrat of the Week. So says Huffington Post's Chris Weigant:

Senator (and presidential candidate) Joe Biden wins for being first out of the box last week to use the words "Special Counsel" (which last week's column heavily advised doing). Interviewed on ABC last Sunday, Biden called for a Special Counsel to be appointed to look into the CIA's destruction of interrogation tapes. He was the first presidential candidate to do so, and to date only one other (Edwards) is in the news for agreeing with Biden. This is the difference between leadership and poll-testing popular stances. Clinton and Obama are also sitting Senators, and there's nothing stopping them from making bold moves such as this, but they always seem to come from Joe Biden. For those of you counting MIDOTW awards, out of a total of seven awards given so far, Biden is now tied with Chris Dodd (2 each), while the entire rest of the Democratic field has exactly zero among them. So join me in saying: "Way to go, Joe!" [emphasis added]

This adds to the buzz that continues to build around Biden, right across the spectrum of Democratic opinion. With 19 days to go before the caucus, and following a widely praised performance at Thursday's Des Moines Register debate, things continue to move in Joe Biden's direction. Way to go, Joe, indeed!

1 comment:

Lee said...

You can make top 3 in Iowa, Joe!

The man is the most qualified and his record speaks for itself.

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