Sunday, January 14, 2007

Deep Background

Days Until Bush Leaves Office = 736

What is This?
This is a blog presenting my experiences in participating in the 2008 Iowa Democratic Caucus process. We’ll start on January 14, 2007, and follow the long and twisting road through to the caucuses on January 14, 2008.

And Who Might You Be?
A temporary transplant to the Midwest. I came here in February 2005 fresh from Philadelphia, Seattle before that, L.A. before that. Thus, for me, retail politics has always been the province of others. Until now.

I have no journalistic pretensions, and make no attempt at producing a political news site. Most likely, in fact, if it is actually news, you’ll read about it here last of any site on the internet. And while I will make very free with my personal political opinions, I expect this will occur within the context of framing my reaction to one or another event or candidate. I don’t intend to try to necessarily persuade readers that I am right, but do hope to always set out a clear (and hopefully compelling) statement of my views.

So, here’s hoping we’ll both find this to be an interesting tale to tell, and to read. Remember to subscribe to get automatic notification when new entries are posted, and feel free to post your own comments any time you’d like. This could be fun!


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