Friday, January 26, 2007

Scorecard Update

Days Until Bush Leaves Office = 724

As expected, Joe Biden is throwing his hat into the ring; reports say he’ll officially announce next Wednesday, January 31.

So now seems an opportune moment to update the campaign scorecard:
Senator John Kerry - MA (1/24/07)
Senator Evan Baye - Indiana (12/16/06)
Former Senator Tom Daschle - SD (12/2/06)
Sen. Russ Feingold - Wisconsin (11/12/06)
Former Governor Mark Warner - Virginia (10/12/06)

In for Sure:
Senator Joseph Biden - DE (1/31/07)
Senator Christopher Dodd - CT (1/11/07)
Former Senator John Edwards – NC (12/28/06)
Rep. Dennis Kucinich - OH (12/11/06)
Former Governor Tom Vilsack - IA (11/30/06)
Former Senator Mike Gravel - AR (4/17/06)

The Explorer’s Club:
Governor Bill Richardson - NM (1/21/07)
Senator Hillary Clinton – NY (1/20/07)
Senator Barak Obama - IL (1/16/07)

Still On the Sidelines:
Former Vice President Al Gore - hunch: he could be waiting to see how “An Inconvenient Truth” does on Oscar Night next month before making up his mind!
Former General Wesley Clark
Al Sharpton
Governor Brian Schweitzer - Montana
Sen. Blanche Lincoln - AR
Sen. Barbara Boxer - CA

Have you noticed how many senators have joined the race? There haven’t been this many senators making a White House bid since 1976. As you may recall, all of them were beaten by a former governor, which is one of the few things that keeps Tom Vilsak smiling these days.

And don’t forget: tomorrow is the Hillary event! She hasn’t set foot in the state since chairing the Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner in 2003, so this really is the kickoff for her. I’ll let you know all about it in the next post, so stay tuned!


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