Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Inside the Mind of Dennis Kucinich

Days Until Bush Leaves Office = 663

WHOA! I think we can now say it's official: the Kucinich campaign has completely flipped out. From the inbox this morning:

Eyes and Ears: We need your help!

Hello Volunteer,

Thank you so much for all of your hard work so far!

We are happy to announce that we need your help with an important opportunity called the Eyes and Ears Project. In order for Dennis to continue to be a successful candidate, it is important that we track, monitor, and gather information about the other candidates. In politics, it is absolutely essential to gather information about your opponents. That is why we are happy to invite you to help us monitor the other candidates. If you are interested in this volunteer job, you will be gathering information about other campaigns and exactly what it is they are doing to market themselves.

We want the other campaigns to know we are monitoring them. We want them to know that we have eyes and ears everywhere. Also, this process serves the dual function of keeping other campaigns honest. If they know we are monitoring them, they will be more likely to be transparent and honest. Therefore, we are looking for your help to be our eyes and ears. We are looking for people with good research skills that are very adept at paying attention to detail and gathering vast quantities of information.

Area 1: Monitoring of Advertising

Area 2: Monitoring of News Stories

Area 3: Monitoring of Blogs, Social Network Sites, Forums, etc.

If you are interested in helping with the Eyes and Ears marketing volunteer project, you will be given one area and one candidate. For example, you may be put in charge of monitoring all advertising around Hillary Clinton. Each week, you will submit a report about all of Hillary's advertising you could find. You can observe her tactics, research her strategy and share your observations.

You can choose any area that you feel most comfortable with, and any candidate you may be interested in tracking. If you are interested in one of the Eyes and Ears marketing volunteer project, please email me back at Tell me in what area and what candidate you may be interested. If you need more information about what the job will entail, I will explain more.

Thank you so much for your help,

Evan Moody

National Outreach Coordinator
Kucinich for President 2008

Finally, for the piece de resistance, the sender line on the email is "Kucinich for President 2208." It's the 200 year gap that turns this into art.

So now, in addition to the Department of Peace, it appears we'll be able to look forward to a Department of Truth in the ever-forthcoming Kucinich administration. Perhaps Dennis can ask President Bush if his campaign can borrow the NSA for the duration of the campaign; after all, why reinvent the wheel?

Note to the Kucinich campaign: if you guys are going to be monitoring blogs, and you decide to come after me, can you at least click on some of the ads when you visit? Thanks a bunch!


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