Monday, April 9, 2007

Survey Says...

Days Until Bush Leaves Office = 652

From the inbox today, a note from my friends at Gallup:

"Thank you for recently taking part in a Gallup Panel survey. The information you provided will be used to improve commerce and government in this country.

Because you were willing to share your thoughts and opinions with us, we thought you might enjoy reading about some recent findings from Gallup Panel surveys.

--As candidates for the 2008 presidential election continue to emerge, Gallup asked panelists an open-ended question about what quality they deem most important in the next president. One-third of panelists say that honesty or the ability to be straightforward is the most important quality for the next president to possess (emphasis added). This response far outpaced the percentages for any other responses given."

As Letterman would say, I don't really have a joke here. I'm just putting this out there for those not currently in the position to directly shape public opinion. ;->


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