Thursday, June 7, 2007

Romney Campaign Chair Rips Iowa GOP Rank and File

Days Until Bush Leaves Office = 593

Today's Washington Post ran a great article on the movers and shakers at senior levels in campaigns on both the Democratic and Republican sides in Iowa. Reading through the article, I came across one quote that made me actually gasp, from Mitt Romney's Iowa Campaign Chairman, Des Moines attorney Doug Gross:

"As Romney's Gross sees it, it is best to go after party regulars. 'What you're getting into here is a college student-council race. You have to get the big sororities and fraternities to show up for you,' says the genial 52-year-old, whose 20th-story office looks across at the state Capitol's gold dome. 'The rest of the people won't even know what's going on.'"

Maybe Gross is right, and ordinary Iowa Republican voters are ignorant of what's going on in their own state party. I am not a Republican, obviously, and can't speak for anyone on that side, but if somebody from a Democratic campaign made this statement about me as an ordinary voter, I would be more than a little irate about being written off as too stupid to bother with. I might even vow to back anyone but that campaign's candidate, just to get my point across.


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