Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pledge, Schmedge

Days Until Bush Leaves Office = 468

All aflutter is the Iowa blogosphere at today's developments regarding the Michigan primary on January 15. I'm not too exorcised about it either way, except...you guys signed a pledge, didn't you? Like, in front of God - or at least the New York Times - and everybody.

And I know the Dodd and Clinton campaigns are already spinning like mad on this, but it doesn't address the question: you guys signed a pledge, didn't you? And it really doesn't cut any ice with me to have either of these candidates assure us all that although they may have decided to remain on the ballot, they won't be actively campaigning in Michigan. For Hillary Clinton, at least, this is bound to invite unflattering recollections of non-denial denials from the White House years. And for Chris Dodd: what are you thinking? Being the anti-Hillary in Michigan isn't going to help you much in Iowa...or New Hampshire...or South Carolina...or Nevada.

Pledge, schmedge. If you're staying on the ballot in Michigan, you might as well campaign there. And do the same in Florida, while you're at it. Staying on the ballot and not campaigning is a distinction without a difference.

You guys publicly signed a pledge. And violated it. Spin and wink at it all you want, but there are now a lot of reasons to wonder what your word will be worth on anything. Iraq, health care, Habeus Corpus, education - if the circumstances are right, and you sense it might be worth the gamble, what person in their right mind would rely on you to stand by a commitment after this?

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