Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Clinton Ads: "Warned," "Falling Through"

Days Until Bush Leaves Office = 361

Hillary Clinton has put up new ads in seven states today. One, titled, "Falling Through," is a 30-second spot airing in Massachusetts, Missouri, Oklahoma and Tennessee, depicting Hillary Clinton addressing voters about her economic proposals in a town hall-like setting.

Another 30-second spot, titled "Warned," is running in Connecticut, Missouri, New Mexico and Utah, and features a narrated script running over footage of Clinton interacting with voters. The subject is, once again, the economy.

Both are effective ads for Clinton, inasmuch as they help her exploit her polling lead over Barack Obama on economic issues, and help to further distance her presidential campaign from foreign policy issues like Iraq and Iran, which have proved to be problematic for her. Indeed, it could be said that Wall Street, in riveting everyone's anxiety by taking the world economy on a roller coaster ride for the past week or so, has arguably done as much, or more, to aid Hillary Clinton's presidential ambitions than it ever did to aid George W. Bush in his. Give Clinton credit for capitalizing on that turmoil with these ads; it's a smart campaign move.

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