Friday, January 25, 2008

New Obama Ad: "Need"

Days Until Bush Leaves Office = 361

Barack Obama has put up a new ad in Connecticut. The 30-second spot, titled "Need," features Obama speaking throughout the ad, both directly to the camera and in voice-over. The ad's focus, following the recent trend from both the Obama and Clinton campaigns, is on the economy.

Here's the script:

Obama: “I’m Barack Obama, and I approved this message.”

Obama: “This administration has further divided Wall Street from Main Street. You got C.E.O.’s who are making more in 10 minutes than ordinary workers are making in a year.

“The bedrock, the foundation of our economy, is our workers. And the middle class have been treading water or worse. My plan says: ‘Let’s return some balance to our tax code. Close these corporate loopholes the lobbyists put in, and let’s make sure that tax breaks are given to people who really need it.’ ”

And here's the video:

There's a PowerPoint-ish feel to this ad, which may indicate that the Obama campaign is using it to try to reinforce its message their candidate offers solid policy thinking, and not just stirring rhetoric. This is not home ground for Obama, and ads like this, running in Connecticut, may signal the near-term direction of his ad message in larger markets like New York City, California, and his native Illinois. In any event, making the case that Obama is the candidate of solutions, and not just "hope," while undoubtedly the right direction for the campaign to take, also clearly indicates that it is playing defense at the moment, attempting to counter Hillary Clinton's recent success in setting the policy agenda.

NY Times Endorses Clinton, McCain

Days Until Bush Leaves Office = 361

The New York Times editorial board has published its endorsements for president, selecting Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

Good luck to you, NY Times - the same choices worked out really well for the Des Moines Register...

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