Monday, November 17, 2008

Quote of the Day

Days Until Bush Leaves Office = 64

This one, from Tod Lindberg in today's Washington Post, puts a fork into the GOP's post election soufflé that Reaganism, or conservatism, or whatever is the euphemism of the day for "We're not really as dead as Herbert Hoover" is still alive and well and awaiting its inevitable comeback just over the next electoral horizon:

"I can see how supporting a bailout for the financial sector but opposing a bailout for Detroit is more conservative than supporting a bailout for both, but if that's the distinction that makes you a conservative these days, liberals ought to be pretty happy with their prospects."

"Oh, but wait!" you can hear GOP apologists nearly shouting, "Wait! Obama will overreach! And then voters will come thundering back to us! The GOP will rise again!"

Good luck with that as your reason for getting up in the morning, fellas. Enjoy your time in Wasilla. You've earned it.

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