Friday, April 27, 2007

Debate Poll

Days Until Bush Leaves Office = 634

Rather than give my commentary on last night's debate or, worse still, provide a blow-by-blow of a televised event that everyone who would even consider coming to this site has already seen (twice, probably), here's a poll. And, rather than make it a poll where one person gets to say 300 times that their candidate could do no wrong on the night, I've made this a poll aimed at finding out whether last night's debate actually changed anyone's mind about the candidates.

So, here goes!

Did the South Carolina Debate Change Your Mind?
Did the South Carolina Debate Change Your Mind?
No - I was undecided before, and still am
Yes - I was undecided before, but now support one of the candidates
No - I supported a particular candidate before, and still support that candidate
Yes - I've switched allegience from one candidate to another
Yes - I supported a candidate before the debate, and am now undecided
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