Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Live Video Chat: Chris Dodd on National Service - 5 P.M. (EDT) 6/20/07

Days Until Bush Leaves Office = 579

Chris Dodd will be doing a live video chat this afternoon about his "Answering the Call" national service initiative. From the inbox:

Join us today at 5 P.M. Eastern (4 P.M. CDT) as Senator Dodd talks about "Answering a New Call" -- his national service plan -- and participates in a live Q & A with you and supporters across the country.

Senator Dodd will talk about the need for national service at this time in our history and the effect his experience in the Peace Corps had on him. He will lay out his vision for an American Community that is bound by common purpose and service to one another and their nation in speeches in Nashua, NH on Saturday and Des Moines, IA on Tuesday, but will preview parts of his plan for you today.

Then, the discussion is on you.

Submit your questions about national service at the link below and you'll get the answers during the live Q & A.

Want to ask about Senator Dodd's time in the Peace Corps?

Want to discuss the importance of national service?

What are your ideas to increase citizen participation?

The floor is open for your questions and suggestions.

We look forward to participating in a real-time give and take this afternoon.

Hopefully we'll see you there,
Tim Tagaris
Chris Dodd for President

I remember Chris Dodd talking about his time as a member of the Peace Corps during his foreign policy address in Des Moines back in April, especially his reason for volunteering in the first place: "Because an American President asked me to." It will be interesting to hear about how that experience has shaped his thinking on national service.


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