Monday, June 4, 2007

Moderators in Moderation

Days Until Bush Leaves Office = 596

Nothing earthshattering in last night's debate, but the Dodd campaign sent along their tally of who spoke for how long, which I find interesting:

- Senator Biden: 7:58, 10 questions
- Senator Clinton: 14:26, 15 questions
- Senator Dodd: 8:28, 9 questions
- Senator Edwards: 11:42, 13 questions
- Senator Gravel: 5:37, 10 questions
- Congressman Kucinich: 9:02, 9 questions
- Senator Obama: 16:00, 16 questions
- Governor Richardson: 10:48, 11 questions
- Wolf Blitzer: 13:24

Judging from these numbers, it seems clear that CNN's focus in last night's debate was on Clinton and Obama...and Wolf Blitzer. Not that Wolf didn't do an okay job as moderator, I guess, but when he gets as much mic time as two of the actual candidates (Dodd and Gravel) combined, something is out of whack.


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Paul Levinson said...

I thought Edwards leaped forward, in his challenge to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama about not leading the effort to stop the war funding bill...

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