Sunday, August 19, 2007

Debate Talk Clock

Days Until Bush Leaves Office = 519

No account of this morning's debate would be complete without the ever-popular talk clock, courtesy of the Dodd campaign:

No question that if Obama took some licks at the outset, he had ample time over all to strike back. Also interesting was the fact that Bill Richardson and John Edwards had roughly the same amount of speaking time, a big change from previous debates. And this has to be said: getting Kucinich and Gravel off the stage would have freed up more than ten minutes of debate time for actual substance. Neither of these guys are credible candidates, neither is campaigning - or debating - as if they actually believe in it, and it's time for them to be politely excused from future debates.

And, finally, it's got to be driving Dodd's campaign absolutely mad that of the measly five minutes alloted him, at least 20% of that time's content was lost to the unfortunate appearance of a bug conspicuously crawling through the candidate's hair. I feel for the guy; it sometimes seems that but for bad luck, Dodd would have none at all.


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