Sunday, August 19, 2007


Days Until Bush Leaves Office = 519

Right after the debate concluded, I headed over to the spin room, the place where the candidates and their staffs work to influence public perceptions immediately after the actual debate.

The first person I ran into, almost literally, was Mike Gravel, who I believe may have been muttering something about those damn kids being on his lawn again.

Next up was Joe Biden and his children, to whom he gave this advice: "Alright, now - remember the drill: your Pop was the best."

Still outside the spin room was John Edwards, doing a stand up for the cameras. Afterwards, he skipped the spin room in favor of a rally with supporters just outside the Drake campus.

Also giving the spin room a miss was Hillary Clinton, who instead addressed supporters at the Varsity Theatre across the street from campus.

Barack Obama also left the spin room behind in favor of meeting supporters over at Planet Sub a block from campus.

Back in the spin room, Howard Dean held court. I asked Governor Dean how he felt this debate compared to the August 5th GOP debate. He replied that he hadn't seen the GOP face-off, but expressed certainty that we're better than them (damn skippy, Doctor!).

Bill Richardson was on hand, too. I spoke to one of his press staff, who said this was the governor's best debate by far. I think that's true, but still fell far short of what Richardson needed to accomplish today.

Chris Dodd also did a healthy amount of spinning.

And last, but (thanks to Mike Gravel) not least, Dennis Kucinich. We politely avoided each other.



Teri said...

Nice Blog :)

Emily said...

I really liked your pictures. LOL at the Mike Gravel comment. I'm a supporter and even giggled at that. That's his lovely wife Mrs Whitney Gravel with him. :) I think all the candidates are cute with their respective spouses. I really liked how the candidates all spent time with their respective supporters instead of so much time with the "Spin room." Of course you're going to want to talk to the press but it's the supporters who are important. I liked seeing Chairman Dean there to support everyone. He's been doing great! I feel very secure with him as DNC chairman and not that awful Terry McAullife. I'm sure McAullife did great with fundrasing and the new DNC offices but other wise his campaign strategies weren't that great. I didn't see the whole thing of the forum (I saw it reruned on CSPAN) but from what I did see of Mr Richardson he did do a lot better. Maybe he's listening and reading people's blogs. Thanks again for the awesome pictures! Oh and your Joe Biden comment was totally cute.

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