Friday, November 30, 2007

Hmmm. Good Point.

Days Until Bush Leaves Office = 416

The Quote of the Day today comes from Joe Biden, responding to a voter's question at a forum on Iraq in Portsmouth, New Hampshire:

"I know a lot of my opponents out there say I'd be a great secretary of state. Seriously, every one of them. Do you watch any of the debates? 'Joe's right, Joe's right, Joe's right.'

"I ask you a rhetorical question: Are you prepared to vote for anyone - at this moment in our history - as president who is not capable of being secretary of state? Who among my opponents would you consider appointing secretary of state? Seriously. Think about it."

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A Democrat Abroad said...

The ideal combination would be Joe Biden for President and Senator Obama for VP. Intelligence, character, experience, charm, plus new ideas from the next generation. I hope the Iowa caucus participants make this unbeatable combination possible.

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