Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Quote of the Day

Days Until Bush Leaves Office = 670

The dustup over the mashup continues this morning. My favorite take on things comes, oddly enough in the circumstances, from Hillary Clinton herself. From the Washington Post, here's the quote:

"I think anything that drives interest in these campaigns and gets people who otherwise are not at all interested in politics, I think that's pretty good. . . . I thank heaven for small favors and the attention has shifted and now maybe people won't have to tune in and hear me screeching 'The Star Spangled Banner.' "

Exactly the right note to strike. Tremendous style.

If the objective of whoever posted the 1984 spoof was to throw the Clinton campaign off stride and off message, they're bound to be disappointed. After all, Hillary Clinton has been relentlessly hounded for more than a decade by packs of expert character assassins, and she's still standing. Its going to take more than a guy with an iMac and a copy of Final Cut Pro to change that.

Full disclosure statement: I haven't thrown my support to Hillary Clinton or any other candidate this cycle. But I can't help admiring her response to this episode.

Meanwhile, in other news, the Polk County Democratic Off-year Caucus is tonight, and I'll be there. Check back tomorrow for my post on that.


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Anonymous said...

Whoever was responsible for the add is neither here nor there IMHO. Barak Obama has free publicity, Hillary Clinton has free publicity, Apple doesn't sue. Enough said....

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