Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Clinton On the Air in Pennsylvania

Days Until Bush Leaves Office = 300

Following Barck Obama's Pennsylvania ad debut yesterday, Hillary Clinton has put up her first ad in the Keystone State. Interestingly, the 30-second spot, titled "Level," is an ad the Clinton campaign previously ran in Ohio. One could infer from this either that the Clinton campaign plans to re-run its successful Ohio campaign in Pennsylvania, or is too financially strapped to produce a new ad in Pennsylvania. Or quite probably both.

Here's the script for the ad:

"Announcer: She’s fighting for America’s middle class.

Clinton: It’s time to level the playing field against the special interests.

Announcer: She’ll end $55 billion dollars in giveaways to corporate special interests and invest it in middle class tax cuts and creating new jobs. She’ll get tough on unfair trade deals and end tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas.

Clinton: Standing up for people who weren’t getting a fair shake, that’s been the purpose of my life. And it will be the purpose of my presidency. I'm Hillary Clinton, and I approve this message."

And here's the video:

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desmoinesdem said...

Why shouldn't she re-use the same ad? She crushed him in Ohio, and the demographics are similar to Pennsylvania's. If I were in her shoes, I'd try to run exactly the same kind of campaign there too.

Obama doesn't have a lot of weaknesses, but one of them is that his larger-then-life image gives the impression of being aloof and disconnected from people's everyday concerns.

Clinton does better when she makes the case that she understands ordinary people's struggles and is willing to work hard to help solve those problems.

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