Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wasting No Time!

Days Until Bush Leaves Office = 725

Well, that didn’t take long: Hillary’s first public event in Des Moines is this Saturday already! And, true to my avowed purpose, I will be there, and will tell you all about it. A first hand account from the front lines - that is what this little venture is all about!

OK, so, I’m a little excited.

As to other stuff, I’ve read two separate articles in the last couple of weeks regarding skepticism among African American community leaders about Barak Obama as a presidential contender. I find this puzzling, for a whole host of reasons. It is surprising, in the same way it might be if you started reading about doubts surrounding Hillary Clinton’s ability to win the women’s vote. I’ll just shake my head over the whole thing for now and refer you to the articles themselves so you can form your own opinion. Here’s the piece from the LA Times, and the story from the Washington Post. I would really like to see comments from others about this and hear your thoughts about it all.


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